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Dear Noble Friends,

Since its inauguration in September of 2013, the Kansas Meditation Center has served many in Wichita, Kansas-City, Manhattan and Lawrence. The center has offered a place to meet, unite and practice the Buddhist way of life.

We have been able to accomplish many things during these three years. The center has allowed people of all backgrounds to enrich their lives by taking part in the services and ceremonies offered. Our outreach Sunday School classes for the children have provided priceless Buddhist teachings to many children. Many have become regular attendees. Our center has provided an opportunity for the Dharma community to host several Meritorious and Noble events such as the Vesak, the Rains Retreat and the Kathina Ceremonies.

May we use this opportunity to thank you for providing us with the requisites to serve the community to such an extent. We have had the pleasure of watching the community of the Kansas Meditation Center grow. With an increasing number of participants and two monks now residing at the temple, we have outgrown our current residence. We consider this to be a good problem – it's a sign that the center is serving its purpose. However, it is evident that in order to accommodate our current members and future growth of the community, we need a suitable and permanent venue for the Kansas Meditation Center. With a larger more convenient venue to meet and practice, we can also offer more opportunities/services. For example, we would like to provide Book Discussions, Pāli and Sanskrit Courses, Pāli Chanting Classes, and Buddhist Studies Courses, as well as many opportunities for meditation and listening to Buddha's teachings.

We are considering several properties in the Wichita area that will accommodate the needs of the Kansas Meditation Center. The permanent location will offers a larger gathering space for our activities as well as an ample parking space. With such a place to meet and practice we would like to offer more opportunities for the community to participate at the temple. To make all this a reality we need to raise about $26,000 towards the down payment for the purchase of the permanent property.

Thank you and May the Triple Gems bless you!

With Mettā,

Kansas Meditation Center

Everything is made by mind, led by mind and fashioned by mind, If you speak and act with a polluted mind- suffering will follow you. Everything is made by mind, led by mind and fashioned by mind. If you speak and act with a pure mind, Happiness will follow you.!


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Ate visi Buddha pooja and wasaradhanave

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